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Valedictory Ceremony 2015

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Finally, the session has come to an end… and so has the end of the secondary school road for the ss3 2015.
After trailblazing a controversial and epic session, they sloppily placed a topping to their final official get together. The ceremony was a mix of disgrace, pity, juvenile ingenuousity, excitement, fun and selfies (and boredom, if you ask me). But it was really a big FAT PUNCH IN THE FACE of ISL (who, by the way, totally and justly deserved it after selfishly suspending their Prom). By ISL, i refer to those who run the school, directly or indirectly. If you noticed my presence at the event, you would have seen my hysterical and exaggarated laughter. I was happy, the graduants were having fun and that was all that mattered.
Thank Allah. Thank Jehovah. Thank God.
And we definitely would not miss you. Any of you. We just wish we could be you.


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We all have heard it straight out of the horse’s mouth… metaphorically.
The most shocking news to ever reach the ears of the 2014/2015 ss3 students. It was like play-play when Princi. Ojo once threatened to do something to repay them for the way they mishandelled the brand new chinko desks and chairs. Now, it is really happenning right before their eyes… in 4D.
But why?
Need I write why, when our school (ss3 block and san xero) is currently a mess (or a centre for expressionist art on school property!!?!??)? When ss3 is filled with a lot of impatient peeps?
Why didnt they just wait till their V.S.?
Well, as far as we know, ss3 prom is at the verge of being history. As well as those in other classes.
Rumour has it that prom could come to an end for all other sets if care isn’t taken. Thanks a lot, current ss3!
Take heart sha, no one knows how you all feel and i hope we never do.


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#Slapday @ Sansiro

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At sansiro today, normal football event going on as always. A particular set(a word used to refer to a team on sansiro) was playing, then the players in that set decided to go for data capture and asked another set(team) to play on their behalf and agreed that if they come back, they would continue their game.
So, they agreed and they went for their data capture.
By the time they reutrned, they were told that the game was reset, so they got so angry and left. But femi was like he will not gree, so he decided to take the bars of each posts and hide them. The people who were playing asked him to return it, but he didn’t listen, they put the bars back, and femi still went to remove it.
Later, femi decided to enter the game, so he told an ss2 boy who was playing for one of the teams to leave so that he could play.
That angered Peter who was warning femi not to remove the bars of the post, Then it all started, peter ran towards femi and started slapping femi like he was slapping someone who srole his phone. It was seperated, then femi still insisted that the ss2 boy should leave, then he started playing. Now, david was like “guy, why are playing, leave now.”. Femi didn’t agree and was like he must play on sansiro today. Then, david start punching and slapping femi, peter too joined and both of them slapped him off sansiro. during the slaps, femi was just like they should be beating him that he will not leave sansiro. Later, they got tired of him and left him alone.
After recieving numerous slaps, femi still struggled to played on sansiro. #WhatALife.

A tragic day for Femi

A tragic event for Femi 😦



Why do they call it a selfie if most of the times you take it in group? 😦

Wow! what a username, of all thoughts, it was @___under_score that he could use as his twitter handle. Not even minding what people say about him, its like he is in a world of his own. Going through twitter and saw some of his tweets that were outstandingly …………………………… Couldn’t think of the word to use. #SoConfusedRightNow :(.


twt2               twt1

#NECO Exams

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All SSS3 students are to come to school tomorrow. For the data capturing for Neco in school uniform.

Why now? I mean of all the days SS3 students have been coming to school, its the 1st day of exams #TeamISL now remembers to do data capture. #SoSad